Think of One for Septet

You'll note - this arrangement is the head only, and as is indicated, was originally just a draft. However, after performing it a few times - it seemed to get the job done! Enjoy.

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The instrumentation:
Tenor Saxophone

Performance Notes:
The way I like to arrange utilizes the guitar as a melodic voice, rather than an accompaniment. The guitarist should be able to read, and it will be important to talk about the guitar blending in with the horn section. This includes attention to attack and release, volume, intonation, etc. The players will need to be confident and independent as the melody is broken up between the instruments (hocket). As always, rhythmic accuracy is key, and especially important with Monk's music. When the notes are broken up (third measure, for example) the eigth notes should be played basically straight. You might consider listening to an original version of the song before reading through it to get the idea of the time feel. The descending bass note introduction sets up the tune, and is a transcription of the original. Navigating the chord changes on this one can be at times, challenging. The cycles of dominant seventh chords, especially.

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